The holidays are officially in full swing. In just a few short weeks, we’ll be saying goodbye to another great year and making resolutions for the year to come. If planning a holiday (or New Year’s) party is on your to-do list, we’re here to help you! So take a deep breath and use the following tips to help you plan the perfect holiday party without any of the stress.

Be Organized

The easiest way to make your holiday party stress-free is by getting organized from the get-go. Make lists of everyone you’d like to invite, food and drinks you’d like to serve, and decorations that you’ll need to purchase ahead of time to make sure that you’ll be stress-free in the days leading up to your holiday party.

Focus on a Theme

Focusing on one theme for your party will help you narrow down your list of food, drinks, and decorations that you’ll need. Rather than making several different dishes and drinks, make large batches of a few finger-foods that fit well with your theme and make one “signature” beverage to help tie the theme together. You can then decorate a beer/wine table with decorations that follow your theme as well. Some great themes that are easy to coordinate are Ugly Christmas Sweater, Christmas Around the World, or Masquerade Ball.

Keep it Fun

Holiday parties should be all about friends and family coming together to have a fun and enjoyable time. If you’ve got many different groups of people coming to your holiday party, set up an ice breaker game or activity that will encourage guests to communicate with one another and enjoy themselves. If children will be coming to your holiday party, make sure that you have activities set aside for them to enjoy as well.

Get Help!

Your guests know how much effort & time goes into planning the perfect holiday party and they want to help take the load off of you. When people ask what they can bring or if you need any help- take them up on it!  You can have friends and family that want to help bring an appetizer or a bottle of wine. Other ways to utilize the help of willing guests include having someone help set up decorations or organizing the food table.

PartySavvy is here to help make your holiday party as stress-free as possible. No matter what the size of your party or your budget, we have all of your holiday party rental essentials including chairs, tables, beverage fountains, barware, and more. Contact us today for more information about how PartySavvy can help make your holiday party stress-free!

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