PartySavvy Sells Tents – New & Used

If you’d like to purchase a tent for seasonal use at your home or business, or just to have on hand for occasional use, we can help. All of our high-quality rental-duty tents are manufactured in Evansville, Indiana by Anchor Industries, the largest & finest tent manufacturer in the United States.

Whether you need a stock size, or something custom-built to fit your space, we have a tent for you. If you need tent related services after the sale, we can help with that too. Several of our customers use their tents seasonally, April through October. We handle the installation, maintenance, removal, cleaning, storage, and repairs on a contract basis.

The delivery time on new tents varies from 2 to 8 weeks, or longer. Standard sizes typically come in sooner than custom orders. The availability of used tents varies, depending on the time of year. Pricing of used tents is based on the tent type, size, age, and condition. Delivery and installation is available for new and used tents for an additional fee.

Phipps Conservatory 1

Tent Types

Lightweight Party Canopies / Various Sizes  |  Pole Tents / Various models & sizes  |  Frame Tents / Various models & sizes  |  Walkway Canopies / Various Sizes

Customization of New Tents

If you are ordering a new tent, we can build it to your specifications; the following are some of the things you may choose, or want to have custom-built:

  • Tent Size
  • Choice of vinyl top fabric / Example: Solid white, or other solid colors, striped vinyl, clear vinyl
  • Choice of sidewall fabric, style, size, and construction. Sidewalls are typically solid white vinyl, clear vinyl with white trim, cathedral window, French Window, or mesh. Sidewalls can be built in different heights and lengths, etc. to accommodate almost any application.
  • Hip ends or Gable ends on Frame tents
  • Adjustable height legs on Frame tents
  • Custom anchoring devices
  • Custom Graphics
  • Many other custom features are available.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view some of our custom-built tent projects.

Tent Accessories

We can equip your tent with any of the following items, if needed:

  • Fabric ceiling liners (smooth or gathered) and leg skirts; many colors to choose from.
  • Lighting (many options available)
  • Heaters
  • Fans
  • Doors
  • Flooring and / or carpeting

Interested in Purchasing a Tent? Request More Information

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Examples of Our Work

Click on the links below for photos of each project.

The Mattress Factory
North Side, Pittsburgh, PA

National Aviary
Pittsburgh, PA

Private Residence
Pittsburgh, PA

The Frick
Pittsburgh, PA

Phipps Conservatory
Outdoor Garden, Pittsburgh, PA

Private Residence
Ligonier, PA

Phipps Conservatory 1

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