Market Umbrellas, 9′

We offer 9′ white canvas market umbrellas that can stand alone with a weighted base, or be placed in the center of a table. There are two styles of umbrella: white with a dark, mahogany-colored wooden frame, and white with a light, natural wooden frame.

Keep reading to see all of the options available regarding umbrella bases, table sizes, and linens.

Umbrella Tables

Choose from two sizes of round tables that can be used with market umbrellas: 48″ and 60″. Umbrella tables require the umbrella, table, and solid weighted base.

Market Umbrella with Base

Market umbrellas can also be freestanding. The 9′ umbrella will provide shade for one or two cocktail tables for an outdoor event. Freestanding umbrellas must be staked down to prevent tipping over, and require the umbrella stand with holes and stakes.

Umbrella Table Linens

Round table linens with a center hole to accommodate the umbrella are available. The 108″ round size will fit a 48″ table and reach the floor. On a 60″ table, 108″ linens will hang about 6″ off the floor.

#7935  $63.00  9′ Market Umbrella, Dark Frame

#7937  $63.00  9′ Market Umbrella, Natural Frame

#7912  $17.00  48″ Round Table

#7913  $19.00  60″ Round Table

#7949  $14.50  Umbrella Stand, Solid

#7959  $12.50  Umbrella Stand with Holes and 2 Stakes

Umbrella Table Linens – Please call for sizes, colors, and pricing.

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