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Thank you for your interest in working at PartySavvy. Please see our available employment opportunities below. Apply in person or send resume and completed Application Form below to [email protected].


Delivery, Tent Installation, & Warehouse Crew

Nature of the work

This position involves the delivery/pickup of a variety of party/event rental equipment to sites around Western, PA, generally within a 50 mile radius of our store. You will assist with the installation and removal of party tents of all sizes, as well as staging, dance floors, tables, chairs, lighting, heating, etc. You will also assist with the loading and unloading of trucks, in the warehouse as well as on site, and will also be involved in the cleaning and maintenance of rental equipment following pickup or customer return. Must service customers in a polite, friendly, and professional manner.

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Warehouse Specialist

Nature of the Work

This position involves all aspects of warehouse work, as well as a substantial amount of customer service work. In most cases, you will work closely with one or more staff members, however, there will be times when you will be the only person in the warehouse. The vast majority of your work will be in the warehouse, however, there may be times when you will be required to help out on deliveries and pickups, especially when we have work at times when the store is closed.

To do well in this position, a person needs to be able to move easily between tasks; you need to go with the flow; roll with the punches. No two days are alike; this position involves a lot of variety. If you are a person who thrives on routine, you will not do well in this position.

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Sales / Event Rental Consultant

Nature of the work

To assist customers in planning rental equipment needs for their event in a polite, friendly and professional manner, whether in person or on the telephone.

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Application Form

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