Frame Tents

Frame tents are very versatile and are available in a variety of sizes to fit almost any application, including weddings, parties, corporate events, or family gatherings. Frame tents offer unobstructed use of the interior space with no centerpoles. Suitable for lawns, driveways, parking lots, patios, and decks. Installation of your frame tent rental is included. All frame tents must be anchored with stakes in the ground (included) or ballasting (additional charge).

Every tented event and event site is unique; an on-site evaluation by one of our experienced sales staff is necessary in order to determine the type and size of tenting required, based on the site conditions, and the accessory items that will be needed to properly equip your event.

We will be happy to discuss your event over the phone, and provide you with some basic “ball park” pricing. However, we cannot provide a firm price quote until we’ve had an opportunity to visit the site and assess the conditions. Following a visit to your site, we will provide you with a firm, itemized price quote (and in most cases, a CAD drawing of the suggested floor plan), for your consideration.

For seating options under frame tents, see our Popular Party Tent Layouts for frame tents and party canopies.

Frame tent rentals come in the following sizes and colors:

10’x10’ – White only.
14’x14’ – White or Clear.
16’x16’ – Expandable in 8’ increments (16’x24’, 16’x32’ and so on). Available in solid white or clear vinyl.
18’x18’ – White only.
20’x20’ – Expandable in 5’ increments (20’x25’, 20’x30’ and so on). Available in solid white, yellow & white striped, or clear vinyl.
30’x30’ – Expandable in 5’ increments (30’x35’, 30’x40’ and so on). Available in solid white, yellow & white striped, or clear vinyl.
40’x40’ – Expandable in 10’ increments (40’x50’, 40’x60’ and so on). Available in solid white or clear vinyl.

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