This Fiesta Frame tent was custom-built to replace an old tent the customer had made by an awning company many years ago for their annual New Year’s Day party. Everything about this tent was custom-designed to fit on an above ground concrete deck, into the corner of the log cabin. The French window sidewalls have “rod pockets” along the bottom to allow us to put steel conduit in them to weigh them down and secure them so they don’t move in the wind. Two of the walls have built-in doors, which can be zipped open and closed. One of the walls has two openings at the bottom to provide access for the heating ducts. The tent has a fabric ceiling liner with matching leg skirts (not shown). There are also a number of custom-built brackets that are used to secure the tent to the walls of the log cabin, and to allow us to eliminate one corner leg, which interfered with the opening of a door to the house. PartySavvy stores this tent on a year-round basis and installs it as needed.

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