This was our 5th event with PartySavvy – we had hired PartySavvy for 4 graduation parties for each of our children, and our most recent event was a rehearsal dinner. We began to plan the rehearsal dinner in March, at which time we had hoped the event could be held indoors at our selected venue. We had decided to have a backup plan for a tented rehearsal dinner just in case Covid continued to be a problem later that fall. Just three weeks before the rehearsal dinner Dan touched base with us and we all agreed that we would indeed need to use the backup plan, thanks to an increase in covid cases nation-wide. Despite Dan being inundated with requests for tents and outdoor events, he was incredibly present, supportive, and gracious, working seemingly around the clock in the weeks leading up to our event.


On the day of the rehearsal dinner, Dan came to check on the install and was unhappy with the cleanliness of the chairs, so he hand-cleaned them himself. He clearly has so much pride for his rentals and the set up and wanted to ensure we would be pleased with the products we were renting. Dan is a sweet, kind man who was incredibly thorough. He made multiple trips to the property to ensure the entire installation went smoothly and efficiently. The entire team was terrific – they were polite and efficient. They were great both in installing and removing the tent, and covid respectful – wearing masks when going indoors and respecting social distancing protocol as needed.


Dan also partners with outside vendors in order to be a “one stop shop” for all rental needs. It was nice they had partnered with other companies so they could provide a full range of services – including the generators, as I wouldn’t have known where to begin to look for generators.


We are so grateful that PartySavvy was able to help us pull off such a spectacular tented rehearsal dinner with such short notice, and we’re so grateful they thought of every detail, so we didn’t have to. The event was a great success, and we look forward to hiring PartySavvy for future events!


Mary Beth

Mother of the Groom


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