This project involved replacing tents we had custom-built for Phipps many years ago. Tenting technology has come a long way since those original tents were built; the new tents are much better suited to this seasonal installation. The Phipps Outdoor Garden is a popular venue for weddings, and other events during the months of April through October. This complex consists of a 30’x40’ NaviTrac tent with two gable ends, one 20’x60’ and one 20’x90’ NaviTrac tent with one gable end on each, custom rain gutters between the three tents, and a full set of clear sidewalls which can be opened and closed as needed without having to take them off or re-hang them. The sidewalls are built in two pieces, which lace together in the center. They are designed to open and close by sliding on a track, similar to a shower curtain. When they are open, they can be secured to the side poles; if necessary, they can quickly and easily be closed to keep the weather out. PartySavvy takes care of the installation, removal, cleaning, and off-season storage of these tents.

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