Summer is a great time to have parties and enjoy the great outdoors with family, friends, and loved ones. Having fun games at your summer party can make it that much better! If you’re looking to have outdoor games at your next summer party, here are some great games ideas that everyone can enjoy:


Volleyball can be an excellent way to get a large group of people involved in a game at once and doesn’t require too much equipment. Rather than purchasing a game set that you may only use once, make it easy on yourself and rent a Volleyball set.


Horseshoe is a timeless party game that doesn’t require much space or skill to enjoy. Simply secure the metal stakes and get to throwing! You can increase or decrease the space between the metal stakes to accommodate guests of all ages and skill level.


Team sports games encourage camaraderie and socialization at a party, and softball is no exception! If you have the space to set up the softball game, PartySavvy has all of the equipment you’ll need!


Cornhole is a great game that’s quickly gaining in popularity among adults and children alike. Many stores and online retailers now sell cornhole game sets, but if you want to put a little elbow grease into it, it’s a fun and easy DIY project that will be sure to impress your summer party guests. As an alternative, Cornhole sets can also be rented.

Lawn Scrabble

Do you love playing Scrabble or Words with Friends? If so, create a larger than life Scrabble game at your next summer party! All you need to bring this timeless game to life is some scissors, cardboard, and a marker.

Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowling is a great way to bring a classic game outside. You can create a lawn bowling game using a number of different items, but one of the easiest ways is by simply filling up plastic bottles with water and using a soccer ball as your “bowling ball”.  Adding different color food coloring to the water can make the game more festive as well.

Potato Sack Race

Potato sack races have been enjoyed by many for several generations and are a great way to get numerous people involved at a summer party.  Potato sacks can be bought very cheaply, but if you want to get more creative, you can make and design your own potato sacks fairly easily.

Bobbing For Donuts

Forget the apples and have your guests go bobbing for donuts at your next summer party instead! This fun game can be very easily created with some string, a tree, and plenty of donuts!

These great summer party games are sure to be enjoyed by guests young and old. And if you’re looking to provide your guests with extra seating and protection from the sun, PartySavvy also has a wide range of summer party rentals to fit any budget.

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