While many of today’s weddings follow traditions that have been staples for generations, more and more modern brides are opting for more unique weddings. These modern weddings are a more accurate representation of the bride and groom’s tastes, personalities, and preferences. With Pinterest at hand and Google at their fingertips, brides are capable of creating events that reflect their style, are timeless, and are fun for guests. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Pittsburgh wedding trends that are keeping this year’s weddings fresh, fun, and creative.

Think Outside the Box When Arranging Tables


While round banquet tables remain a popular choice for many wedding receptions, today’s Pittsburgh brides are also choosing to think outside of the box. Choosing regular banquet tables, long banquet tables, square tables, farm tables, or any combination of the above can make for a unique look, or offer a solution to spacing challenges. Additionally, PartySavvy offers the option to stand tables on taller legs, to be used with bar stools.

When it comes to arranging your tables, there is no right or wrong solution – anything goes. Don’t be afraid to mix sizes and shapes of tables, and chair styles, too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Metallic


Pittsburgh’s brides are adding texture and dimension to their wedding colors by adding healthy doses of metallics. Depending on how you use them, rose gold and gold can add a whimsical, elegant, neutral, or airy vibe. Sparkly gold accents like a fancy beverage fountain can be used to add interest to a black tie affair, while copper table lanterns add a unique touch to a rustic outdoor wedding. Look for metallics to appear in everything from table linens to utensil rings.

Get Creative with Your Sweets


Today, many couples are forgoing the traditional wedding cake in favor of a dessert that reflects their tastes. One popular Pittsburgh tradition is the cookie table, while other ideas include pies, ice cream bars, pastries, and dessert bars. If you’re looking to cut costs, ask close friends and family members to bake their favorite desserts to serve at the dessert bar. Not only does it add a personal touch, but your guests will feel honored to be involved!

Add Romantic Lighting


Whether your wedding is a formal affair, a whimsical and romantic garden setting, or a rustic barnyard event, lighting can change the game. Add patio lights to add a soft, romantic glow at any outdoor venue. Hang lights above tables, dance floors, and cocktail or lounge areas, and consider adding a lit marquee to set a special space apart.

Choose In-Season Flowers


Today’s Pittsburgh brides are choosing to forgo expensive out-of-season flowers for local flowers that make sense for the time of year. Not only will you save money on your flower bill, but your bouquets and centerpieces will look and feel more natural. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, changing up centerpieces and flowers, which will help draw guests eyes around the room. If you’re really looking to cut costs, don’t be afraid to skip flowers altogether, or pick some wildflowers for a simple, rustic bouquet.

Get Outside


Pittsburgh is beautiful from spring to fall, making it an ideal place to choose an outdoor wedding venue. With the right equipment, nearly any outdoor space can be transformed into a comfortable and practical space for walking down the aisle, eating, socializing, and dancing the night away. Event tents can create a temperature-controlled space, or an open, airy space, depending on your needs. Check out these outdoor Pittsburgh wedding venues for some of our favorite outdoor spaces in the area.

These are just some of our favorite Pittsburgh wedding trends, and it’s clear that the theme is consistent – couples are making their weddings a direct reflection of their tastes, personalities, and unique relationships. Get creative, and create the wedding of your dreams – the sky’s the limit.

If you are in search of wedding rentals for your Pittsburgh wedding, request a quote today. PartySavvy’s knowledgeable staff is ready to help you create your dream wedding!

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