We offer event lighting in a variety of styles from very basic, functional lighting to more elaborate, decorative lighting options. Our consultants will help you choose the right lighting for your event. Specialty lighting options not shown here, are also available. Choose from the following lighting styles:

Perimeter Lighting – Functional & decorative, this lighting features 7 watt clear bulbs, spaced 18″ apart on a white cord; we install it around the perimeter of the tent on the inside. It provides adequate light in tents up to 20′ wide, and may be used to supplement other lighting for tents 30′ wide & larger.

Par fixtures – Available in white or black with a 90 Watt floodlight bulb; typically installed around the perimeter of the tent at the top of the side poles, directed toward the ceiling. Color gels (usually pink or amber) are often used to soften the light. Other gel colors available on request.

Asian Lanterns – Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors with or without lights. We typically use round lanterns in a variety of sizes, however, other shapes are available on request. Asian lanterns may be used in conjunction with other lighting fixtures, or on their own.

Café Lighting – This popular lighting style features 11 Watt clear bulbs, spaced about 2′ apart on a black cord. We typically swag this lighting in the ceiling of a tent, however, it may also be used under porches, awnings, or even outdoors between trees, etc.

Chandeliers – We offer 16 light and 24 light chandeliers for use in our frame tents, with or without lamp shades.  Our 16 light Chantilly Chandeliers are designed for use in our 60′ wide pole tents only; they provide an elegant look, with or without shades. Crystal chandeliers are also available on request.

Mini-Lights – Consider the use of strings of mini-lights on tent side poles and/or center poles for decorative purposed, with or without fabric draping.

Dimmers – Most of the lighting styles mentioned above may be installed with dimmers for an additional charge.

Post Lamps – These free-standing lamps are typically used to light non-tented areas. #8407  $62.00

Propane Torches – Our propane tiki torches are decorative and functional. They are great for marking the entrance to an event, or to light a pathway. #8406  $99.75

Specialty Lighting not mentioned above is available through PartySavvy in conjunction with one of our affiliated companies. Information available on request.

2-Tier Chandeliers (16 lights) and the 3-Tier Chandelier (24 lights) for Frame tents only

Chantilly Chandeliers clamp to the center poles of 60′ wide Pole tents

Asian lanterns come in a variety of custom colors, sizes and shapes for use in Frame tents

Par fixtures in White or Black powder coating, each fixture emits 90 Watts of light

Perimeter Lights in a traditional or globe bulb

Café lights and Mini pole lights are string lighting

Post Lamp  is 6′ 8″ tall, electric

Tiki Torches are 7′ tall, black powder coated and use a 20# propane tank each

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