Valentine’s Day is often regarded as the most romantic day of the year. A day to celebrate love and that special someone that makes all the other days of the year so enjoyable. If you’re ready to pop the big question this year, we can’t think of a more appropriate day to do it. While some may suggest that Valentine’s Day is too cliché, we beg to differ. We’re willing to bet that your significant other won’t see it coming, especially with these unique Valentine’s Day wedding proposal ideas!

Go for A Stroll

If you have a regular walking route or are avid hikers, suggesting a Valentine’s day walk won’t be out of left field. Plan in advance to sketch a giant heart in a snowy hill, or lay a giant heart made of flower arrangements at your favorite park. Now, just keep your calm until you approach your design, at which point it’s time to get down on one knee!

Plan A Dinner with “Friends”

Tell your significant other that you’ve been invited to dinner with some friends. She (or he) isn’t a big fan of that crowd? Even better. When you show up to dinner, surprise your special someone with that private booth in the back. Enjoy a romantic dinner, and when the time feels right, pop the question. (Bonus points if you wait until after dessert – she might be expecting that ring to show up in her cheesecake.)

Make the Question A Surprise, But Not the Ring

Two birds, one stone. You want the proposal to big a big surprise, but for her to pick out her own ring? Make an appointment with your favorite jeweler, and then don’t tell her where you’re headed on the big day. When you arrive at the store, it’s time to say those four magic words.

Plan A Getaway

Make the excitement of the big proposal last longer with a getaway. Maybe it’s a ski trip, or maybe it’s a beach vacation. Either way, pack the ring somewhere she won’t accidentally stumble on it, and wait for that special moment to ask the big question.

Keep It Low Key, But Meaningful

Some of the most genuine and romantic proposal stories are the ones that don’t include an over-the-top grand gesture. Instead, packing a picnic at the park you had your first date, or grabbing a pizza at that pizza joint you frequent every Sunday could prove to be just as romantic and thoughtful. Think of a place that holds meaning for your relationship, and surprise your significant other with an understated date. Boy, will he or she be surprised, and your special “spot” will be more meaningful than ever.

Build Anticipation

Regardless of your plan for a Valentine’s Day wedding proposal, make the element of surprise a priority by building anticipation – especially if you’ve planned a romantic night out at a fancy restaurant or an over-the-top getaway. Just in case she is wondering if “this is it,” you’ll keep her (or him) on their toes by keeping your cool, keeping conversations light, and waiting to pop the question until later in the date – or trip.

From all of us here at PartySavvy, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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