While most of our events go off without a hitch, everyone has heard the occasional horror story of party plans gone wrong. At PartySavvy we pride ourselves not only on making sure our customers never have those negative experiences to retell, but also to come to the rescue for customers with unexpected party woes.


mardi gras partyA PartySavvy customer found themselves in a tricky spot last month when an event planner who was referred to her by a friend wanted her to sign an outlandish contract for event planning and décor services, just days before the event was scheduled to take place. Shocked and upset by the unreasonable price tag, and the short notice, she felt that the planner had backed her into a corner; she decided that she didn’t want to work with that person, and realized she needed to start from scratch with a team that could provide quality event planning, rentals, and decor on short notice at a fair price. Her first thought was to call PartySavvy; we listened to her predicament, and immediately went to work.


With eight days until the 130-guest party, PartySavvy contacted All In Good Taste Productions to ask them to meet the customer with us at the venue, a party room at a local housing community. We met to discuss décor and rentals for the Mardi Gras themed party and began design plans for the event. Having worked closely with All In Good Taste Productions (a leading event planning & catering company) in the past, we knew they had extensive Mardi Gras décor on hand from a recent event and could be of great help on short notice.


After connecting our customer with All In Good Taste, they agreed to work together. Because PartySavvy and AIGTP have collaborated on many successful projects over the years, we were confident that they could meet the needs of our customer in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner.


With the planning completed, our customer was very comfortable with the event design, and the pricing; everything was set until the January deep freeze descended upon the region. Three days prior to the party, our customer learned that there was no water at her venue due to a frozen water meter & broken pipes. The venue thought the problem would be repaired in time for her party, but couldn’t guarantee it, so she decided to hold the party at her home instead.  We met her at her home that Wednesday afternoon, and planned the event from scratch. The rentals were delivered and set up on Friday, and the decorating and flowers were done on Saturday. Our plans for the original venue included a large balloon drop from a high ceiling; that wasn’t going to work in her home, but she still wanted some sort of balloon décor. The balloon company we work with was able to accommodate the change without a problem; instead of a balloon drop, they filled the entry hall with large clusters of purple, gold, and green balloons with some special Mardi Gras balloons mixed in.


On the day of the party, there was no indication that the gathering had essentially been planned from scratch only a few days before. Our client was more than pleased with the end result, as well as with the price. She had budgeted $3,000 for rentals and décor, and was willing to go up to about $3,500. The final price tag? $2900 for a stunning event and superior customer service on very short notice. The party drew rave reviews.


While we are always happy to see our customers satisfied, we are particularly delighted to use our years of experience and extensive contacts in the region to make the seemingly impossible a reality. Reach out to PartySavvy the next time you find yourself in a tough spot or are looking for an experienced event rental company to help you plan and execute a flawless event at a reasonable price.

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