Marquee tents (often referred to as walkway canopies) are some of the most versatile and widely used items in our tent rental inventory. By using marquees in a variety of applications, guests at an event will remain dry and comfortable from the time they arrive until the end of the evening.

Uses for Marquee Tents

  • As individual units for bars, buffet stations, sales booths, registration areas, etc.
  • As a connection / walkway between two tents, such as a bar tent and a dinner tent, or a dinner tent and a catering prep tent.
  • As a covered entry way to a tent, building, or home, often over a sidewalk
  • As a connection between a tent and a building or a house
  • As a covering over stairs
  • As a way to tent a narrow space, such as a deck or a patio

Marquee Tent Sizes

PartySavvy stocks marquees in 6’ and 9’ widths with either solid white, or clear vinyl tops. The standard length for a single unit is 10’ however, because we stock frame parts and vinyl tops in various lengths between 1’ and 7’ long, we are able to create marquees in almost any length. In most cases, the walkway canopies are installed in a straight line, however, we have the ability to create a bend in the walkway, if needed.

Our marquee tents have adjustable height side poles, which can be set between 7’ & 10’ tall. Because the ends are flat, rather than sloping, we are able to put them up against a house or a building (typically over a door) without having to worry about rain falling between the end of the marquee and the structure. If necessary, we can leave the end cap off to allow a door to open out, under the marquee.

Marquee Tent Accessories

In most cases, we install lighting in the marquees. Other popular accessories include sidewalls, leg skirts, heat, and in some cases, fabric liners. Flooring and carpeting are often installed in marquees over lawn areas leading into a reception tent. This prevents heavy traffic areas from becoming muddy when the ground is soft from recent rains. 

In some cases, walkway canopies are added to an order at the last minute based on an unfavorable weather forecast, often to provide shelter for the guests from their car, to a building, home, or a tent. In many cases, we prepare for that possibility by taking measurements in advance, and in some cases, even creating a separate “rain plan” reservation for the equipment that may need to be added if rain is expected on the day of the event.

These photos illustrate some of the many ways marquees can be used to provide elegance, comfort, and functionality to make any event more enjoyable for the guests. For more information, contact us today!

Check out our Marquee Tent Gallery for more inspiration!


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