Tiki Torch Instructions

tiki torchLighting Instructions

Turn all valves to the off position. Head valve must be turned clockwise to be in an off position. Open source/cylinder valve slowly, open head valve slightly and light with a long grill or fireplace lighter. Adjust to desired flame using head valve. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED. When Tiki Torch is not in use, be sure source/cylinder valve is closed.


Temperatures near Tiki Torch will ignite combustible materials. Use only on level and stable surfaces. Keep Tiki Torch at least 6′ away from any combustible materials.


  • This Tiki Torch is designed and intended for outdoor use only.
  • DO NOT place under a covered or enclosed patio or the eaves of your home.
  • DO NOT place under low hanging trees or close to evergreens or shrubs.
  • DO NOT move, handle, or service Tiki Torch while it is in operation or hot.
  • DO NOT allow children to play on or around the Tiki Torch. It could cause a fire or bodily burns. Place in a low traffic area.
  • DO NOT leave unattended. Close gas valves when unattended or not in use.
  • Installation must comply with all applicable codes.
  • Tiki Torch must be set level and comply with minimum clearance of 6′ from all sides.
  • Using soapy water, check all gas connections for leaks and test function of all moving parts. Perform these checks and tests prior to initial use and after periodic use.


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