Popcorn Machine Instructions

Electrical Requirements:

• Standard voltage is 120 Volts, 60 Hz, or a single phase AC.



There are three switches:

Light & Warmer Switch: turns on heat to bottom corn pan and light

Kettle Motor Switch: turns on motor which drives kettle agitator shaft

Kettle Heat Switch: turns on heat element


Popping Instructions:

• Follow the instructions on the already pre-measured popcorn/butter bag


Care & Cleaning:

• Each time you finish popping, wipe the outside of the kettle with a soft cloth to remove any oil drippage. Be careful, the kettle is extremely hot. Do not let oil burn onto the machine.

• After you finish popping for the day, allow kettle to cool until it is not too hot to handle, but still warm. Unplug kettle and remove it from the machine. With a cloth, wipe the inside of the kettle, kettle lid, crossbar, outside and underneath the kettle. Never immerse any portion of the kettle in water. Never flood cabinet with water.

• To clean the cabinet, take a clean cloth and wipe excess grease from glass. Also wipe the outside of the machine.


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