Heaters and Fans

Weather is certainly the biggest unknown when it comes to planning for an outdoor event. The success of your party may mean being prepared with heaters or fans to keep guests comfortable regardless of the weather.

Heaters – When simply enclosing a tent with side walls is not enough to keep the tent warm, PartySavvy staff will recommend the correct sized heater for your tent. Most units operate with propane, are set outside the tent and vented into the tent under the side wall.

Patio Heaters – Patio Heaters operate using a 20 lb. propane tank and are for outdoor use only.  These stand over 7′ tall and throw a circle of heat approximately 10′ to 12′ in diameter. They may be used under an overhang  or canopy with at least an 18″ clearance between the top of the heater and the ceiling above. #3837  $168.00

Lava Patio Heater – The Lava Patio Heater has glass tube in the center, which contains an adjustable height flame. It provides heat and light and is a great way to designate the entrance to an event, or to light a pathway. #3838  $209.00

Fans – We offer two fan options; our 18″ tent fan has 3 speeds and mounts to the tent framework and our 24″ pedestal fans are mounted on a floor stand.

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