Introducing PartySavvy Partners

Step up to better service & save money every time you rent with our NEW preferred customer program.


All Year Savings!

10% discount on the rental of “in stock” PartySavvy rental equipment on a year round basis. Plus, exclusive offers available only to our Partners!

How Can My Business Get Involved?

To apply, fill out our simple application form and submit it. Click the link below to access the form.
We will get back to you soon, usually within 1-2 business days.

Want to Learn More About Becoming a PartySavvy Partner?

Q: What is PartySavvy?

A: PartySavvy is an event rental company located in Monroeville, PA. We offer a wide range of event rental products and services throughout Western PA and the tri-state area. We are a locally owned and operated family business, established in 1970; we are now in our 46th year of operation.

Q: Why should I partner with PartySavvy?

A: PartySavvy has a well-deserved reputation for providing high-quality rental products, efficient, courteous customer service, and extraordinary attention to detail in the planning and execution of special events of all types and sizes. In addition to our own extensive inventory of tenting products, tables, chairs, etc., we have affiliations with numerous providers of specialized event services of all types; we sub-contract work to these partner companies to provide our customers with a turnkey operation with respect to the infrastructure of the event. By working with these specialty providers of event services, we are able to offer a true one-stop event event rental experience. PartySavvy becomes your single point of contact for any and all questions related to the logistics of your event.

Q: We have a good relationship with one of your competitors; why would we want to partner with PartySavvy?

A: We understand the value of good business relationships, and we appreciate our many long-time, loyal customers. Becoming a PartySavvy Partner doesn’t cost anything, nor does it obligate you to do anything. It does, however, give you a trusted event partner to call on if you ever have a need that your current rental company is not able to meet, or if you decide at some point that maybe it’s time to give someone else a try. If and when that time comes, we will be here, ready, willing, and able to help you, and happy to do so.

Q: If I agree to become a PartySavvy Partner, what do you expect from me?

A: We won’t ask anymore of you than we’d ask of any of our customers. Aside from our normal contractual requirements (taking care of our equipment while it’s in your possession, and paying your bills, etc.), we’d simply ask that you give us an opportunity to quote on your event rental needs. We’d also ask that you would consider referring new customers to us through our PartySavvy Friends referral program; new customers who place an order with us from your referral will receive a discount on their first order with PartySavvy.

Q: OK; this all sounds great, but what's in it for me?

A: Aside from all of the great products and services PartySavvy will provide for your events, you will receive discounts / commissions on the business you do with us, along with other benefits that are available exclusively to PartySavvy Partners. Becoming a PartySavvy Partner is definitely a win-win situation.

If you still aren’t convinced, why not give us a try? We are offering an $84 delivery credit on your first order.

Q: If two or more PartySavvy Partners are working on the same event, will all of the partners receive a commission on the rental order? If not, which partner will get the commission?

A: No, only one commission will be paid on any rental order. The commission will be paid to the partner who takes responsibility for the rental order. For example, if an event planner who is a partner brings a client to PartySavvy and handles all of the rentals, and the event venue is also a partner, the event planner would earn the commission.


Q: As a PartySavvy Partner, do I automatically qualify for credit with PartySavvy?

A: No, however, if you are interested in opening an account with PartySavvy, please fill out a credit application.

Q: How do I earn my PSP discount / commission?

A: In cases where the rental order is written up in the name of your business, your discount will appear on the invoice; you will pay the net amount. In situations where you place an order for rentals on behalf of a client, the order will be written to your client, and paid by your client. Once the equipment has been picked up and any outstanding amounts have been paid, we will send you a check for your commission on that order.

Q: If I give your name to a client and they place an order with you, will I get a commission on that order?

A: No; we understand that there may be times when one of your customers may not want or need your involvement in ordering rentals for an event, but they ask you where they can get the rentals they need. As a PartySavvy Partner, we will also include you in our PartySavvy Friends referral program. We will provide you with referral cards to give to your customers. This program is for new PartySavvy customers only; if they give us the referral card, we will give them a 10% rental discount, up to $100, on their first order with PartySavvy. While this referral does not put any money in your pocket directly, it does help to create some goodwill for you with your customers. In order to be eligible to receive a commission on an order, our expectation is that you (not your client) will work directly with us from beginning to end, with respect to the rentals for that event. This does not mean that we may not have some direct communication with your client regarding things such as payment, delivery & pickup arrangements, etc., but for the most part, you will be our contact for the order.

Q: Can I pass my discount on to my client if I choose to do so?

A: Yes; if you would like to give your client the benefit of your partnership with PartySavvy, you are welcome to do so, provided you are involved in the planning for the rentals from beginning to end; again, this is not a referral program; your direct involvement with the order is required.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: If you establish credit with PartySavvy, we will send you an invoice after the event with terms of Net 20 Days. If you are a not set up with a PartySavvy account, or if your client is paying us directly, a 50% reservation deposit is needed to confirm your order; the balance is due one week in advance of the event date.

Q: Will my entire order be discounted by 10%, or are there exclusions?

A: The PartySavvy Partner discount applies to PartySavvy rental inventory only; the discount does not apply to delivery & pickup fees, labor charges, linens, sub-rented equipment, or sub-contracted services.

Q: If I need things PartySavvy doesn’t offer, can you help me?

A: Yes! We want to be the company you call on whenever you need event rentals. In most cases, we probably have all or most of what you need; however, we have affiliations with numerous companies who will work with us to provide you with everything you need for your event. In some cases, it may make more sense to give you a referral to someone you can work with directly. In every case, we will do our best to help you get what you need in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Q: If I or one of my clients wants to plan a tented event, will someone from PartySavvy meet us at the site and help us plan the event?

A: Yes, in fact, site evaluations are a must for tented events. We’ll be happy to meet you at the site to discuss your plans and ideas, and make suggestions regarding the tenting and accessories you’ll need. We will follow up with an itemized, written quote, and in most cases a CAD drawing to show you our proposed floor plan. There is no charge for the site evaluation, or the CAD drawings.

Important Forms

Below, you will find links to the PartySavvy Credit Application and the W-9 Tax Form.

Credit Application

W-9 Tax Form

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