Clear Acrylic Podium can be used alone or with our Sound System with clip-on microphone, additional charges will apply. PA Lectern provides both a space to set papers and sound projection from the built-in speaker.

Auxiliary speakers, wireless or clip-on microphone with a 25′ cord, and hand-held microphone with a 10′ cord are for use with the Floor Model PA System. Extend your ability to amplify sound up to 50′ with auxiliary speakers.

Clear Acrylic Podium measures 48″ high x 26.5″ wide x 15″ deep.

#2817  $127.00  Clear Acrylic and Aluminum Podium

#2811  $116.50  Floor Model PA Lectern System

#2814  $43.00  Auxiliary Speakers for Floor Model PA Lectern

#2816  $21.00  Hand Held Microphone with 10′ Cord for Floor Model PA Lectern

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