COVID-19 has rocked our world, and in this unprecedented time, there is little certainty about what the coming months will bring. If you were planning a spring or early summer wedding this year, there is a good chance you’re having to move your special day to a later date. In doing so, you may find that your venue is already booked through the rest of the year, making an already overwhelming situation feel daunting. In the event you are unable to secure a venue for a new date later this year, may we suggest something…. different?

Have you considered hosting a wedding at home? When your own home is the venue, you are in complete control of every detail. With the right equipment and some planning, you can host the wedding of your dreams right in your backyard!


Why Choose A Backyard Wedding?

A backyard wedding gives you complete control of your wedding – from start to finish. You have complete freedom to choose your date, time, and layout (and maybe most importantly,  you are free to dance the night away without being kicked out). Backyard weddings are also sentimental and intimate – an opportunity to create special memories in a place that is already near and dear to you. With the right vendors, you’ll be amazed at how your backyard can be transformed!


Where Do I Start?

Since home residences are rarely suited for large events, they typically require considerable attention when it comes to details like seating, parking, lighting, bathrooms, and other rentals. The first thing you should do when beginning to plan your wedding at home is find an event rental company that has the equipment, expertise, and experience orchestrating the type of event you have in mind, and is available on your chosen date. Choosing a rental company is a big decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. A good event rental company will have all the rentals you need in one place, and be a “coordinator” when it comes to working with your other vendors.

Getting Permission

It might be your property, but there are some rules. Before you move too far along in the planning process, make sure you check on city permits, fire inspections, electrician inspections, local noise ordinances (and permits), and whether you’ll need a permit to allow cars to park along the street. If you don’t have ample parking, consider having guests park in a nearby lot (like a school or church) and then provide a round-trip shuttle.

It’s also a good idea to let neighbors know about the event well in advance – both as a courtesy, and to be sure they aren’t mowing their lawns or otherwise being a distraction during the event. They may even be willing to allow you to use their driveways for extra parking!

Also be sure to talk with your officiant. Some religions don’t allow officiants to perform wedding ceremonies outside of their place of worship. Make sure you have someone lined up well in advance.


What Will I Need?

A backyard wedding requires a variety of rentals – including (but not limited to): tenting, chairs, tables, lighting, heating, rest rooms, staging and more. Your event rental company should be capable of transforming your property into a stunning event venue, shouldering much of your wedding-day stress for you.


The On-Site Evaluation

Once you hire an event rental company, they should do an on-site visit. This will give you the opportunity to talk through your vision while your event rental company irons out the nitty-gritty details in order to make your vision a reality. Your event rental company should be able to tell you how much space you need to comfortably accommodate your guest list.

You will discuss and plan for everything from where tenting will be installed, to extra rest rooms and a dance floor. Your event rental company will advise you on the layout and needed rentals, and will also coordinate set up and tear-down logistics with your other vendors.

Make sure you also have a plan for inclement or difficult weather. What if it rains? What it it’s 100 degrees? Talk to your event rental company about options for mitigating weather-related risk.


Other Important Details

A wedding at home allows you to start with a blank (and meaningful) slate, but requires that you create an event from the ground-up. You need to consider details like catering (and their staging area), dressing rooms, a cleaning crew, outdoor preparation, and more.

If you’re thinking about planning an at-home wedding, let’s talk. PartySavvy’s “Worry-Free Events” strategy means that we do all the heavy lifting for your at-home wedding. From site-evaluations to rain plans, we think of all the “what-if’s” so you don’t have to.

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