If you want to create a look of luxury and elegance in your wedding ceremony or reception tent, consider fabric tent draping. At PartySavvy, we are the tent rental experts; we have the knowledge and experience to help you create a stunning tent interior with fabric ceiling liners, leg skirts, and more. Keep reading to learn about the wedding tent draping options available and to find inspiration for your wedding.


Leg Skirts & Center Pole Covers

Fabric leg skirts can be used on both Frame tents and Pole tents, with or without a ceiling liner. These sections of draped fabric cover the legs around the perimeter of the tent. Leg skirts soften the look of the tent and help create an intimate atmosphere for dinner and dancing during your reception.


Center pole covers are used to drape the interior poles in pole tents, from top to bottom. These fabric pole covers may be used with ceiling liners and leg skirts for a complete fabric look, or used alone for just a touch of draping. This relatively inexpensive fabric treatment greatly enhances the look of a pole tent interior.

Wedding Tent Draping

Wedding ceremony tent draping. Photo by Alisa Milnthorp of Weddings by Alisa.

Ceiling Liners

Gathered ceiling liners are manufactured to fit specific tent sizes and brands, and include a fabric valance. They are most often used in conjunction with leg skirts. Ceiling liners hide the tent framework and provide an elegant backdrop for lighting accessories such as chandeliers. Tent liners also soften the acoustics of the tent, making an ideal environment for bands and DJs during your reception. While tent liners are most often used in frame style tents, they are also available for pole tents.


Pipe & Drape

In situations where vinyl tent sidewalls need to be installed, we often use pipe and drape in front of the vinyl sidewall to soften the look of the tent interior, and to hide the tent poles. This is an effective use of fabric, with or without a ceiling liner or leg skirts. In some cases, we do this behind the band stand to create a simple, yet elegant backdrop. In the photo above, the back wall of the ceremony tent was covered with ivory pipe and drape fabric to match the ceiling liner.


Custom Fabric Décor

Manufactured tent liners and leg skirts are typically white, or ivory, as those are the most frequently requested colors. In situations where a custom color or special fabric treatment is required, hiring a decorator who is experienced in doing custom fabric décor in tents may be the only option. This type of work is typically priced based on the cost of the materials and labor required.


Browse more photos of PartySavvy tents with liners, leg skirts, pipe & drape, and custom fabric decor in the photo galleries and pages below:

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