colored glasses to brighten up NYE Party

Brightly colored water and wine glasses are great accents to brighten up the table setting for our New Year’s Eve bash!

Somehow New Year’s Eve always seems to sneak up on us. After family-oriented Thanksgiving and the gift-giving of Christmas and Hanukkah, it seems like everyone has sufficiently enjoyed the holidays but is a little tired from all of the planning and cooking. Even so, we look forward to one last hoorah to meet up with friends and celebrate the promise of the future. This year we at PartySavvy are starting early on our New Year’s Eve plans and designing the perfect party well in advance. After all, the start of 2014 deserves an excellent push-off—full of inventive decorations and activities for all your family and friends. Here are a few ideas we’ve pulled together for you to choose the best match for your personal style:

1. The Classy Get-Together

If you describe your style as elegant, classy, tasteful, and well-made, Martha Stewart’s New Year’s Eve party guide is for you. The emphasis here is on the classic New Year’s colors of silver, gold, and white with tasteful interpretations of the number of the year, party favors, and noisemakers. She suggests personalizing your napkins with a “2014” stamp—a small but clever touch. Our favorite DIY project are the homemade party hats made from specialty stationary paper—paisley print abounds. Martha Stewart definitely lands the New Year’s Eve-chic style.


2.  The Quirky Dinner Party

If you are imagining a fun, informal dinner party for your New Year’s Eve gathering, we have the perfect table setting idea for you. Depart from the somewhat-expected sparkle-and-silver scheme and say hello to bright colors! We love how this design uses hot pink and green to make the table design pop. Most of all, we think the use of dollar-store clocks beneath clear, glass plates for the table setting is a witty and fun way to bring in the New Year. Give it a try! What color scheme would you use to reflect your personality?


3. Feminine Cocktail Party

If you want to keep with the sparkle of New Year’s but want to add a unique touch, try out this example of pink exuberance in this youthful interpretation on gold and silver. Truly impress your guests with wine glasses topped with sorbet popsicles and champagne—a great way to add fruity notes to your bubbly drinks! We also think the pink-themed candy bar is a crowd-pleaser. Who doesn’t love a personalized goody bag of tasty treats?

Enjoy the last few weeks of 2013 and get excited for a new year of fresh possibilities! We hope you take the plunge and throw your effort into designing a unique and fun New Year’s Eve gathering. At the end of the day, no one ever regrets getting together one last time with friends and family—especially when cocktails and sweets are involved. Happy New Year!

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