Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all hope of hosting an outdoor event. In fact, fall offers some of the best weather of the year for outdoor events, with mild daytime temperatures and cool evenings. Assuming you have the right equipment, you can keep guests comfortable through the day and into the evening at your next corporate event, fundraiser, or wedding.

Here are our simple tips and suggested equipment for throwing an outdoor event in the fall.



Regardless of the event, we always recommend having a tent at every outdoor event. Tents provide shade from the sun, cover from weather, and protection from the cold. A Pole Tent or Frame Tent with Side Walls  is always a safe choice, and heating and air conditioning ensure a comfortable temperature within the tent walls year-round. However, in the fall, you can often get away with skipping the side walls, taking advantage of the seasonably milder temperatures. This creates a more open event space, allowing guests to flow easily in and out of the tent and offering the opportunity to fully enjoy the outdoors through the entire event.



In the fall, you may not require a fully temperature controlled tent, but you may want to consider other methods of offering heat to chilled guests. Patio Heaters are ideal for the fall months, providing relief from cool fall air without forcing guests inside a tent or other walled venue. PartySavvy offers both Lava Patio Heaters and Patio Heaters with Propane, delivering both unique ambiance and cozy outdoor warmth.



In the fall, the sun sets earlier – meaning you may need to explore options for lighting your outdoor event as evening falls. An array of options are available, from string lights to post lamps, all of which will provide necessary light and improve event ambiance.


Cozy Seating

When we think of fall, we think of long sleeves, flannel, and all things rustic. Thoughtful details like cozy seating can make a major impact for your guests. Wooden Benches can be arranged alongside hay bails to provide a social seating space (bonus points if there is a fire pit involved). Regardless, throw some simple pillows and blankets over the benches and/or hay bales for added comfort (and another option for getting warm)!



Don’t forget that it can still get hot during the day in the fall, especially if guests will be dressed in business or formal attire. Full air conditioning units probably aren’t necessary, but simple Fans arranged throughout the tented space helps keep air moving and guests cool.


If you have questions about how to create a spectacular outdoor event in the fall, reach out to our knowledgeable staff here. PartySavvy is committed to helping bring the event you envision to life!

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