Sno Cone Machine Instructions

Snokonette Ice Shaver Operating Instructions



• Machine must be properly grounded to prevent shock in case of electrical problems.

• Never put your fingers or any object into the shaver body while the motor is running. You can be seriously hurt if you disobey these instructions. PartySavvy does not assume any liability for injury due to careless handling or operating of this equipment.

• Alterations to this equipment will void the damage waver & may cause a dangerous situation. Do not make any alterations.

• Always unplug the machine before cleaning or servicing.


Operating Instructions:

• Start the motor and fill the gooseneck with ice cubes or block broken ice into a piece 3″-4″ in size. Fill to about an inch or so from the top; the larger the piece of ice the better the snow.

• Push the pressure handle down to press the ice against the cutterhead. A firm even pressure is all that is required, but sometimes you will find it better to relieve the pressure two or three times on the way down. This lets the ice rearrange itself, and you get a better bite.

• Do not force the handle too much as the pressure on the pusher handle will make the ice come out coarse; too little pressure makes the ice mushy. In normal operations the motor gets warm (a surface temperature of 150° is normal).

• Do not let any metal get down in the gooseneck, or you will ruin the blades. The blades are tempered steel, and will last a full season without replacing.


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