Roulette Rules

Chips using distinctively different markings or colors should be used to eliminate mistakes when paying off to players who have bet on the same number or placed the same side bet. If this cannot be done, caution all players to keep their bets stacked neatly and remember where they placed them. Some players will place as many as six or more bets on a single spin of the wheel.

The House Man should spin the wheel and, at the same time, spin the ball in the opposite direction. A little practice will determine how fast to spin each. When the ball falls into the center and first contacts the spinning wheel, the House Man should announce, “No more bets,” after which all placing of chips should cease.

When it can be seen which number the ball has fallen into, the House Man should announce the number and whether it is Red or Black and Odd or Even and High or Low.

All bets pay off according to the odds listed in the following table. When a ZERO or a DOUBLE ZERO turns up, the House collects all bets except those made specifically involving these two numbers. See bets marked with # below.


Any single #35 to 1
Two numbers #17 to 1
Three numbers (One line across)11 to 1
Four numbers (Numbers forming a square)8 to 1
Five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2 & 3) #6 to 1
Six numbers (Two lines across)5 to 1
Twelve numbers (One column)2 to 1
Twenty-four numbers (Two columns)1/2 to 1
First third (1 through 12)2 to 1
Second third (13 through 24)2 to 1
Third third (25 through 36)2 to 1
Red1 to 1
Black1 to 1
Odd1 to 1
Even1 to 1
Low (1 through 18)1 to 1
High (19 through 36) 1 to 1


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