How to impress your guests with party favors appropriate for all kinds of events.

The infamous party favor. It seems that the more well-done the event, the greater the chance of receiving a cute bag with different goodies and treats. But how do these party favors really stack up for guests, whether at weddings, corporate events, or private celebrations? What should you keep in mind when deciding what to include to ensure that 1) they will not be thrown away a day after the event and 2) they accurately convey the theme or message of your event? PartySavvy is here to guide you through each event with a few guiding principles to ensure party-favor success!

jam jar wedding party favor



Wedding Party Favor Ideas

You are getting married, you have watched way too many episodes of “Four Weddings” for your own good, and you are hoping that your wedding favors will leave your guests impressed with your impeccable taste. So what goes in all those shiny baggies?


Combine “use” and “cute”: Chances are you have been inundated with millions of favor ideas as you browsed wedding and design blogs looking for the perfect fit for your special day. But whatever you do, avoid the useless party favors that are sure to find their way to the guests’ trash soon after your wedding. We love these picks by BuzzFeed: 42 wedding favors that are not only cute but gifts your guests are sure to use well after the wedding is over. The TSA-approved jars of jam and tiny pies in a jar are our personal favorites!


Corporate Event Favor Ideas

While the wedding favor is all joy, the corporate gift bag aims to combine sponsorship, event theme, and charm all in one. As such, It is understandable why so many corporate promo-bags fall flat trying to achieve excellence on all three levels. When sponsorship is the priority, the gift bag starts to feel like an advertisement. But when design plays too much of a role, the ultimate goal of promoting your company’s message can be lost. How do you balance it all?


Integrate the theme of your event along with company promotion: Be creative with integrating the theme of the gathering into the gift bag. If sustainability and a new corporate direction is the reason for the event, try gift bags made with recycled materials, personalized with a modern logo design. Include a short-and-sweet card or other promotional material outlining why your guests attended the event and what they can do in the future to promote its goals if the event’s message inspired them. Brainstorm ways to unify sponsor materials with the rest of your gift bag so that they are not just additives.


Bigger is not always better: While big gift bags are thought to make the greatest impression, it is better to go with a slightly smaller bag to avoid the “half-empty-gift-bag” syndrome. The smaller bag which is completely filled will give the impression of completeness and of a well-planned event. Furthermore, bits of swag and promo-materials peaking out of the top will make the guest excited to see just how much you fit in the bag for them.


Private Party Favor Ideas

While private events and parties follow some of the same rules as weddings, their party favors deserve to be distinct to set them apart from the crowd. Private celebrations give you the opportunity to break away from the mold and experiment with venue, design, and scheduling. But to make sure all of your guests enjoy themselves, get them talking in an off-beat way!


Engage your guests during the event, not after: Rather than give your guests lovely party favors to use once they leave the event, aim to provide gifts that encourage interaction with other guests and spice up the party a bit, especially during down time before or after meals. Think of riddles for your guests to test each other at their table or challenge them to a game of informational scavenger hunt. Whoever gets the most questions right about the theme of the event or about the other guests will win a prize. The options are endless! There is nothing like giving your guests an unexpected experience where they become closer with others in attendance.


So take PartySavvy’s gift bag principles and impress all of your guests with inspiring party favors that will remind them of the splendid event they just attended. Request information from PartySavvy to help you in planning your next event!



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