Brass Arch and Candelabras

Add sparkle to your wedding with brass floor candelabras and a wedding arch.

The brass wedding arch measures 8′ tall with an outside width of 60″ and an inside width of 42″.  All candelabras are height adjustable and include white mechanical candles with non-drip wax inserts.

View our Traditional Wedding Package of brass accessories.

#4202  $86.00  Brass Arch

#4208  $29.00  3 Light Candelabra

#4203  $78.00  7 Light Candelabra Pair

#4205  $118.00  15 Light Spiral Candelabra Pair

#4204  $73.00  15 Light Fan Candelabra

#4206  $11.00  Candle Lighter And Snuffer

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