Last month, we talked about some basic enhancements that will make a major impact on your tented wedding. This month, we’ll be talking about some more elaborate upgrades for tented weddings that will surely elevate the look and feel of your big day.

Fabric Tent Liners & Leg Skirts

Fabric tent liners and leg skirts create extra warmth and texture inside the tent, and soften the look and feel of the tent by covering the aluminum frame components. If a ceiling liner is not in your budget, consider using leg skirts to cover the side poles and leave the ceiling of the tent uncovered.


Lighting alone can completely transform your tented wedding and reception. From stage and dance floor lighting and colorful projection options to twinkle lights and glowing candles, the options are nearly limitless. Adding unique lighting elements can set the tone for the entire event, so it’s well worth your time and budget to make lighting a priority.


Very few things change the look and feel of a tented event as much as having the entire tent floored and carpeted. Flooring is an ideal (and sometimes necessary) option for events that are set up on a lawn area. In situations where the area under the tent is reasonably level, the flooring will follow the contour of the ground and provides a solid surface for the installation of carpeting in the color and texture of your choice. In some cases, a level floor will need to be installed over sloping ground to provide a suitable site for the tent.

If flooring doesn’t fit within your budget, the installation of turf type carpeting directly over a relatively level lawn area may be a good option. Turf is available in green, black, and a number of other colors. Turf provides a moisture barrier, and prevents ladies heels from sinking into the ground.

Lounge Areas

Choose comfortable lounge chairs and couches, and form a lounge space as an escape from the dance floor and a spot to socialize. Use plush pillows, warm lighting, and add a few tables and wine barrels for full effect. Throwing a rustic chic wedding? Use hay bales and benches, and toss in some cozy throw blankets and lanterns. Planning a romantic and luxurious event? Use plush furniture, candles, twinkle lights, and floral arrangements. Regardless of the décor, make sure numerous groups of people can sit and engage in conversation.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Depending upon the time of the year, and the weather, heating or air conditioning may be necessary to provide a comfortable venue for your guests.

Restroom Trailers

Tented receptions are often held in locations that do not have adequate restroom facilities for the number of guests attending the event. A restroom trailer is an elegant way to provide the needed facilities. Consider housing the restroom trailer in a tent, complete with solid white sidewalls, and lighting, to provide privacy for your guests, and protection from the weather. If rain is expected, consider having a walkway canopy installed between the reception tent and the restroom tent.

Here at PartySavvy, we are the tent rental experts. If you are looking for upgrades for your tented wedding, let us help bring your vision to life! Visit our website to browse our tent rental accessories and options, and submit our contact form for more information!  

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