If your heart is set on vanilla buttercream but your fiancé loves chocolate, you can have the best of both worlds: let him pick out a groom’s cake! The custom of groom’s cakes started out in England, but is now popular in the U.S. (even though Prince William did request a chocolate groom’s cake at his wedding to Kate Middleton!). Originally popular in the southern states, this fun two-cake practice has taken hold at weddings throughout the country.

Groom’s cakes are often made of chocolate or even cheesecake, and can be displayed on a separate table during the wedding reception or served as a dessert at the rehearsal dinner. Some cakes are decorated with fruit, such as chocolate covered strawberries.

Tradition says that a slice of the groom’s cake should be given to a single woman attending the wedding. If she sleeps with the cake under her pillow, she will soon find her future husband.

How to Choose a Groom’s Cake

These cakes often reflect the interests or hobbies of the groom, taking on fantastic shapes like sports stadiums, pets, or games. Does your fiancé love hockey? Try a Pittsburgh Penguin cake, complete with hockey stick and puck!

Other common themes include a favorite food or drink, cars, video games, school or college mascots, and pets. With all the talented bakers out there, pretty much anything your fiancé loves can be turned into a cake.

Browse our groom’s cake ideas in the photo gallery below. We especially love the detail on the chess pieces. And if you still need some inspiration for your wedding cake, check out our blog post or visit our Pinterest boards!

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