Gaming Wheels Rules

Chuck-a-Luck or Big Six

  1. Bets are made on numbers one through six.
  2. Bets are made on single numbers only (Bets cannot be split between two numbers) and pays even odds (1 to 1) for any winner that turns up on the three dice. If a bet has been made on a number that turns up on two or three dice, then the payoff is for each.



Bets are made on whether the sum of the 2 dice rolled will be UNDER 7, OVER 7, or 7.

Payoffs are made according to the odds marked on the layout. Bets cannot be split.


Money Wheel

The betting layout has spaces correlating to the currency that appears on the wheel. Players can bet on $1, $2, $5, $10, or $20. The currency values determine the payout odds for any size bet placed on them. For example, a $1 bet on the $10 space wins a payoff of $1 0 for every $1 if the wheel stops on one of the $10 spaces. There are two positions that are different; one is a JOKER, and one is a FLAG. Most often, these spaces pay at 40 to 1, but you can also use them to award special prizes if you choose.


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