Whether it’s your grandmother’s 80th birthday, or your son’s 10th, throwing a party they won’t soon forget is easier than you think. There is more pressure than ever before to throw picture-perfect elaborate parties, thanks to endless Pinterest boards and craft blogs – but don’t let that pressure overwhelm you. Instead, use those resources to your advantage, keep it simple, and follow these tips to create a birthday party at home that everyone will enjoy.

Don’t Go Overboard

Before you even begin planning your party, set limitations based on your budget, time, and creativity level. Determine how many people (if any) you’ll enlist to help, and what you can task each person with. Once you have a manageable game-plan, stick with it. Your party at home can be anything from do-it-yourself decor, food, and entertainment – to fully outsourced event planning and catering. Find the balance that fits your lifestyle and needs, and run with it.

Plan Ahead

Like it or not, this party will sneak up on you whether you plan for one year or one month (we recommend giving yourself a minimum of eight weeks to plan). Start by planning a menu (or reserving a caterer), choosing a theme for decor, and reserving any needed rentals (like outdoor tents, chairs, or, tableware). Decide if you’ll have a cake or other sweets, and what kind of drinks you’ll serve.

Begin to keep an eye out for party supplies when you’re out taking care of other errands in the months before your party. Stocking up in advance means you’ll spread out the financial burden, obtain a wide variety of supplies, and have less to purchase in the weeks just before the event.

Don’t Wait to Send the Invitations

As a general rule, sending party invitations sooner is better –  especially in the summer months, when birthday parties, vacations, and weddings fill up calendars quickly. We recommend sending the invites at least four weeks before the party, and including an RSVP date at least ten days prior to the birthday party. If a final count is important, plan to send a reminder email to those you have not heard from two weeks from the party date.

Don’t Forget to Plan Entertainment

If your birthday party at home is for kids, make sure to have crafts, games, or other forms of entertainment to keep the little ones occupied (and you sane). For outdoor parties, consider renting games such as corn hole or volleyball, or a pinata. For teen and adult crowds, consider a DJ, a band, or create your own playlist for background music. Don’t forget to consider renting a tent for dancing and eating – especially in areas where rain, bugs, chilly nights, or hot days are an issue.

Have Fun at Your Birthday Party at Home!

After all that hard work, it’s time to enjoy. Don’t forget to relax and take some time to appreciate how everything came together. Be flexible, go with the flow, and don’t get worked up over any unplanned changes or small mishaps. Chances are, no one will be bothered by (or even notice) that the plates are the wrong color or the DJ is ten minutes late.

Here at PartySavvy, we are dedicated to making your life easy and your event unforgettable. Contact us today to learn more about our event rentals, and learn how we can complete your next birthday party!

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