Commercial Convection Oven Instructions

Operating Instructions for Blodgett Convection Oven

Oven operates on Propane Gas and 110 Volts AC only


To Turn On Oven:

1. Make sure the oven gas hose is securely attached to your LP gas tank.

2. Make sure gas is turned on.

3. Make sure oven is plugged in.

4. Make sure the “RED COOL DOWN SWITCH” on the front of the oven is in the “AUTO” position.

5. Set temperature knob to desired setting.

6. Turn the “BLACK BLOWER SWITCH” to the “ON” position.

7. Before the oven pilot burner will light, all air must be purged from the pilot burner gas line!

8. You will hear a sparking sound … the oven is attempting to light the pilot burner.

9. It may not light on the first attempt!

10. If the red indicating light does not come on in the first 45 seconds or when the sparking sound stops, turn “BLACK BLOWER SWITCH” to “OFF”, wait 10 seconds and then repeat step 6.

11. It may be necessary to repeat the process several times to purge the pilot burner gas line.


During Cooking:

1. When “RED INDICATING LIGHT” comes on, the oven is calling for heat and the burner is on.

2. When “RED INDICATING LIGHT” goes off, the oven is at temperature and the burner is off.

3. The “RED INDICATING LIGHT” will cycle on and off as the burner calls for heat.


After Cooking:

1. When cooking is done, leave the “BLACK BLOWER SWITCH” in the “ON” position, turn the “RED COOL DOWN SWITCH” to manual and open the door to cool the oven.

2. When oven is cooled down (about 10 minutes) turn the “BLACK BLOWER SWITCH” to “OFF” and the “RED COOL DOWN SWITCH” to “AUTO.”


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