Rustic weddings are quickly growing in popularity – and for good reason! Rustic weddings can have a lot of “Do it Yourself” components, are fun, and photograph well. They’re also easy to personalize, and a great way to show off the personal style of both the bride and groom.

Simple details like burlap and baby’s breath can instantly give your event that rustic feel. Take the theme further with repurposed items, like mason jars for centerpieces and a tree stump cake stand. If you’re looking to make your rustic wedding dream a reality, here are 4 must-have party rentals you’ll need:

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are a great and inexpensive way to bring that rustic feel to your wedding. They’re extremely versatile and can be used for anything from centerpieces to wedding favors. The use of mason jars in a rustic wedding is only limited by your imagination, so don’t forget to stock up on plenty of these!

Wooden Benches

Wooden Benches add a rustic feel to any event. Instead of having guests sit at traditional round tables, spice up your rustic wedding with banquet tables and wooden benches. You can always use these benches as seating for your ceremony as well.

Decorative Borders

White Picket Fences are the perfect decorative border for your rustic wedding. They add that “country, yet classy” feel and can also be used to display rustic decorations or lights. As an alternative, you can set up your own DIY photo booth with a white picket fence as the perfect rustic background.


Rain or shine, you want your rustic wedding to be flawless. That means ensuring that your guests will be able to dance the night away no matter what the weather throws your way. A tent is a great way to make sure that your outdoor rustic wedding is a success even if the weather is less than perfect.

PartySavvy is here to help you with all of your rustic wedding rental equipment. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you turn your wedding dream into a reality! For more great ideas for your Rustic Wedding, visit our Rustic/ Vintage Chic Weddings board on Pinterest.

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